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Find Your Ideal Fit

Race Pace Bicycles cares about how well your bike fits you. How much do we care? We send employees all over the world to learn the latest bicycle fitting techniques and practices. Additionally, we have built a state-of-the-art bike fitting and physiology facility in the Mid-Atlantic with our Retül Bike Fit System. Our aim is to offer the best bicycle fit services available, no matter how you ride.

What is A Bike Fit?

Bike fit is the practice of adjusting a rider's bicycle to achieve the “ideal fit” for the rider. Everyone’s ideal fit is different - just as every rider's body is unique. There are formulas that can get you part of the way there, but a practiced bike fitter can help by guiding you through an entire process, starting with a basic evaluation and interview, and ultimately getting you onto your bike and finding a position that works better than any other.

The “ideal fit” is one that causes no pain, minimizes the chance of overuse or training injuries, and gives the rider maximum efficiency for the effort they are putting out. There are many factors that go into calculating a final position for a rider, including:

  • How experienced is the rider?
  • What are the rider’s goals (i.e. complete a 30 mile ride, or trying an Ironman triathlon)?
  • Are there any flexibility or range of motion limitations?
  • What style of bike does the rider have?


We offer a variety of fit options to meet your needs. From our 3-Point Performance Fit (included with every new bike) to our advanced Pro Fit, we have a service suited for your riding style. Learn more and please call or email us to schedule your fit service today!

3-Point Performance
Bike Fit

$100 / $125

Road, MTB / Triathlon

This fit is included with any new bicycle purchase and includes a consultation with a trained bike fitter. It is also a great idea if you have gotten a bike from a previous owner. We will recommend basic seat and handlebar position and set them up for you to try in a trainer. This fit includes labor for stem swap unless new cables are needed.

Race Pace Advantage
Pro Bike Fit

$250 / $300

Road, MTB / Triathlon

This is a comprehensive bike fit that involves a complete pre-fit assessment, use of an adjustable bike or sizing stem to find your ideal fit dimensions, and an on-the-bike fitting session with one of our qualified experts to guide you through the process. At the end of this fit, we will hand you your “ideal fit” measurements, which can be used to set up additional bikes to fit exactly the same as yours.

Race Pace Retül
Bike Fit

$350 / $400

Road, MTB / Triathlon

The Retül 3D Dynamic Motion Capture System provides the most detailed view possible of exactly what a body is doing throughout the pedal stroke and allows for unparalleled analysis of a rider’s biomechanics. After the pre-fit assessment, we 3D map your bike’s initial position and then go through the fit process, creating another 3D map at the end with your final position and documenting the changes made. The Retül fit includes a follow-up to make any finishing touches necessary after you’ve tried out your new position.


Retül Second Bike Setup: $199

Got two bikes? Bring in both at the same time and we will 3D map both bikes and set both up for you, even if they are not the same style bike. Columbia location only.

Pro Cleat Fitting: $99

Includes proper setting of the 5 cleat adjustments.

Saddle Mapping: $199

Most riders know from experience that finding the right saddle for comfort and performance can be a challenge. Our computer analysis using a sophisticated saddle map will display any hot spots on saddles you chose so that the right choice for you can identified.

Custom Footbeds: $99

We use FootBalance custom-moulded footbeds to fit your cycling shoes precisely, eliminate hot spots, and make your shoes more comfortable overall. These can make a huge difference for you and your riding enjoyment.

Velotron Pedal Stroke Analysis: $25

plus cleat adjustment

The Velotron is a true-watts ergometer and it is considered the gold standard for watts-measuring ergometers on the commercial market. This test will give you a precise measure of your output.

Basic Cycle Health Check: $35

with blood work

We’ll test your HDL, LDL, Glucose, Triglycerides, BP, and weight to give you a “cycling health snapshot.”

VO2 Max test: $200

plus cost of a mask if you want your own

Includes lactic acid test and 3-lead EKG. Use our mask for free or purchase your own mask, $49.95 additional charge. This is a must have if you are training with a power meter and want to know what your power threshold is and what your training zones should be.


We are committed to using our extensive experience, training, and knowledge of bicycle fit practices in combination with our state-of-the-art measuring and testing facilities to provide our customers with the very best bicycle fit experience possible. A proper fit will make you into a more comfortable and more efficient rider.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.