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For Smooth, Safe Cycling

Keep your bike in top shape with our expert bike repair and maintenance services. From standard tune-ups to complete overhauls, our friendly, expert mechanics are professionally trained to provide a full range of service on all bike makes and models. Learn more about our service offerings here. Call any Race Pace location for more info

Tune-Up Packages

Bikes are comprised of moving parts that each require their own unique adjustments and maintenance schedule. While your tires may last 2,000 miles, your chain may only make it 1,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. When you bring your bike into Race Pace for service, we will provide you with a free estimate and assess the overall condition of the bike. Next, we will discuss a plan of action to service your bike in order to address its needs. Lastly, we will perform the agreed-upon service and road test your bike to ensure that the adjustments have solved your particular issues.

We recommend getting a tune-up annually. Routine maintenance improves your bike’s performance and saves you money in the long run.

Additional Maintenance Services

Parts & Accessories Installation

We'll help you find the right components and accessories, install them on your bike, and fine tune your upgraded machine.

Bike Cleaning & Detailing

With a clean and properly lubricated drivetrain, your bike will perform better, making every ride more enjoyable.

Hydraulic Brake Services

We have the right equipment and trained staff on hand for bleeding and servicing your disc brakes. Retrofits also available.

Electronic Systems Services

Electronic shifting is reliable and user-friendly. We're trained to service the latest tech from Shimano and Campagnolo.

Suspension Services

Today's suspension forks and shocks are extremely complex and intricate pieces of engineering, chock full of technology. We can help with front and rear suspension maintenance.

Custom Wheel Services

Wheels have a major impact on the way a bike rides and performs. We regularly build custom wheelsets that are specifically tailored to meet your exact cycling needs.

Flat Free Guarantee

For only $69, we install a pair of high-quality puncture resistant tubes in your tires and send you on your way. If you get a flat within 5 years we will change the flat for free. It's that simple.

Custom Bikes & Frame Services

You dream it, we do it! No matter what your cycling needs or wants, we’re happy to help you attain your goals. We work with top frame manufacturers, including builders who specialize in carbon, titanium, aluminum, and steel, and our knowledgeable team of fitters and mechanics is here to help you design and build the bike of your wildest dreams.

We also offer crash inspection and evaluation services as well as frame prep and repair.

Contact Your Local Shop To Book Your Custom Consultation