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buying the perfect kid's bike

Start Your Little Cyclist Off Right

At Race Pace Bicycles, we sell hundreds of kids' bikes every year, and we love it because we love to help young people start off right in cycling.

Why choose us?

Here are a few reasons why you should visit us for your next kid's bike:

  • We carry a variety of quality children's bikes. Our selection covers the complete range of needs for every child, from balance bikes (no pedals) for little ones to true mountain bikes for the pre-teens.
  • Every bike is top quality for an enjoyable ride and, as always at Race Pace Bicycles, is fully assembled by our skilled professional technicians.
  • In addition to being assembled and ready to ride, we offer a trade-in program for up to four years after your initial purchase. If you'd like to trade up to the next size, just bring your bike into any of our stores and we will assess the condition and give you as much value for it as we can--we want your child to have another great bike, too!
  • We offer free adjustments as your child grows, and we can offer good advice on when they need the next step up in size, capability, or quality.

Why choose quality?

"Does a growing child need a bike that nice?" 

"Won't they just grow out of it in two or three years?" 

Those are questions we get a lot. YES, they will grow out of it, and YES, they need a bike that nice! If your child is to learn to love riding bikes, it has to be easy for them. The bike should ride well with smoothly turning wheels, have confidence-inspiring brakes that function well, and have a steering mechanism that is responsive and within reach. In short, if a child tries to ride a bike and finds it difficult to perform the most basic task--pedaling to make the bike go--how long will they continue to try to learn to ride?

Race Pace Kids' Advantage

There are many examples in the market of really poorly-built bicycles -- like models that use plastic washers in place of ball bearings, bikes that are sized so strangely it should be surprising that any child can ever learn to ride them. Additionally, these bikes have NO VALUE after just one or two years -- NONE! They often have to be replaced with another bike of the same size even before the child outgrows it.

In contrast, every bike we sell will last through more than one child--often several. The value is in the ease of riding, the proper fit, the complete assembly, and the lasting quality. And when you are done with a bike purchased from Race Pace, just bring it into any of our locations and trade it in as mentioned above -- you've got four years to do it.

And remember: if you buy a bike for your child and it is given as a surprise, please bring it in afterward so that we can size all aspects of the bike correctly for safe and enjoyable riding. In fact, bring it back a year later and let us do it again -- all at no charge, of course!

Shop Kids' Bikes

We have an incredible selection of kids' bikes from industry leading bike brands. Shop online or visit a Race Pace Bicycles near you today to learn more from a friendly team member.