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custom Bikes


And why we think you will, too! At Race Pace Bicycles, when you talk to us about the custom bike that you'd build if you could have exactly what you wanted in a bike, that's the bike that we'll build for you. Whether you're looking for a specific design aesthetic or custom frame geometry, we can help.

have questions? we have answers.

Will we take a stock frame or complete bike and modify the components to your desired spec? Absolutely!

Do we offer full-on fit-driven custom built frames from a variety of small custom builders in which every aspect of a build from fit to frame material to wheel choice and parts group is scrutinized and carefully chosen? Of course!

Can we special order a wide variety of niche frames, parts, and accessories that we don't necessarily stock and are rarely seen in your typical shop. It is our pleasure!

We have partnered with an excellent collection of custom builders. Each brings unique industry experiences and offers exciting options. Learn more about of custom bike options and get in touch to start building your dream bike!

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Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles

Boulder, Colorado

Aaron Barchek has quickly built his reputation to the level of Master Builder in the burgeoning American hand built bicycles renaissance. He has elevated the art of custom bicycle fabrication as every bike that leaves the Mosaic shop is of his construction and talent. Offerings include steel and titanium and we are proud to have been one of Mosaic's first stocking dealers and the first dealer East of the Mississippi.


Moots Cycles

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

There is no name synonymous with titanium frame fabrication quite like Moots. Gorgeous welds, an impeccable heritage dating back to 1981 and a wide variety of unique offerings make Moots a brand high on many people's wish lists. We are proud to offer a fleet of Moots demo models and that Moots has chosen Race Pace as its exclusive dealer in the Baltimore region.


Parlee Cycles

Beverly, Massachusetts

Offering both stock and custom carbon options, Parlee is a unique company in the cycling industry. Drawing inspiration from decades of work with composites in the sail boat industry, Bob Parlee has brought a unique and successful vision to bicycles. Customer sizing, beautiful paint options and the ability to get a fully American handmade carbon bicycle make Parlee an exciting option.


Trek Project One

Waterloo, Wisconsin

When one thinks of Trek they may not think of custom but Trek's Project One program is the largest and most successful custom process in the world. From fit to paint to parts spec, Trek offers a tremendous variety of options with its easy-to-use bike builder.


Get started

Please come by any of our stores and strike up a conversation with us - we'd love to help you create the bike of your dreams!