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Hybrid & Comfort Electric Bikes

Pricing & Model Options

1 Day Rental: $75 | 3 Day Rental: $150 | 1 Week Rental: $200

Call any Race Pace location or book online to reserve your rental today.

Rent Trek Verve+

Trek Verve+

Sizes: 18.5

Rent Trek Verve+ Lowstep

Trek Verve+ Lowstep

Sizes: 16

Rent Electra Townie GO! Step-Over

Electra Townie GO! Step-Over

One Size

Rent Electra Townie GO! Step-Thrus

Electra Townie GO! Step-Thrus

One Size

Rent Trek Neko+

Trek Neko+

Sizes: 16

Rent Cannondale Treadwell Neo

Cannondale Treadwell Neo

Sizes: MD, LG

Rent Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remix

Cannondale Treadwell Neo Remix

Size: LG