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Bring the Outdoors In
  With a Trainer

Ride for Fitness & Fun

Maintain your momentum and stay in shape year round with a smart trainer. Ride with friends and explore famous routes from the comfort of your home. With a smart trainer and your favorite training app, you can select your location, join group rides, track your stats, and much more.

Choose Your Smart Trainer

Stay fit while staying inside. We have smart trainers in-stock and available for free in-store pickup today.

Ride At Your Convenience

You determine your ride schedule, not the weather or the circumstances. Ride early, ride late, ride now. Own your schedule not the other way around.

Connect With Your Favorite App

Pair your smart trainer with your favorite training app such as Zwift, Strava, The Sufferfest, and many more. Smart trainers make it easy to connect with fellow cyclists, track your ride stats, and stay motivated!

Track your Progress

Celebrate your personal milestones as your fitness improves with every ride. Whatever drives you to keep moving, we have the latest technology to help you track it.

Enhance Your Performance With Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are an essential piece of gear for getting the most out of your ride. Clipping into pedals maintains correct foot position throughout your pedal stroke. This improves stability and alignment for a safer ride, and engages more muscle groups from the ability to pull up on the pedals.

Smart Trainer Accessories

Our premium smart trainer accessories are designed to make your ride feel even more realistic and comfortable.

Want Expert Advice?
 We’re here to help.