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Used Bikes

Pre-Loved Bikes in Baltimore

Race Pace is proud to offer the largest selection of used bikes for sale in the Baltimore area. We understand that purchasing a second hand bike is a wise choice for many customers. To meet your needs, we have a wide selection, including used road bikes, used mountain bikes, and used kids' bikes at each of our locations.

Browse Our Pre-Owned Bikes

Everyone of our used bikes goes through our rigorous Raced Pace Certified Used Bike Program, comes with a 30 Day Service Guarantee, and a Free Fitting so that you can enjoy the confidence of buying from a bike shop but still get the value of a pre-owned bicycle.

Check out our used bike inventory by store. We strive to update the list weekly. However, these bikes are in demand so we recommend contacting us to ensure that your selection is still available. For your convenience, we're happy to transfer bikes from one location to another - just give us a call!

Race Pace Certified Used Bikes

Every used bike that we sell originated at a specialty bike shop, with the majority of bikes returning to us through the Race Pace Trade-in Program. Our highly skilled mechanics meticulously inspect, clean, tune and refurbish each bicycle and we proudly include a 30 Day Service Guarantee with every used bike for sale.

Our Process

Each bike receives a thorough check over and tune up before we put it out for sale. First, we go through all of the consumable parts on the bike (brake pads, tires, grips, chain, cassette, etc.) and replace any parts that are completely worn.

Next, we tune up the bicycle. This process includes lubricating the drivetrain, adjusting the brakes, tightening all the fastenings, and truing the wheels. At this point, the bike is ready to ride.

If you are looking for a second hand bike, a Race Pace Certified Used Bike is the best way to go since we know exactly where our bikes come from and you can trust each bike is ready for many miles and years to come!

Free Location Transfers

For your convenience, we're happy to transfer bikes from one location to another. Give the location with the bike a call and let them know you would like to test ride it closer to you.

30 Day Service Guarantee

If for any reason the bike is not working properly or out of adjustment you can bring it into us anytime in the first 30 days and the labor to fix it is on us.
*The Bike needs to be in the same condition you bought it.

Free Used Bike Fitting

When you come in we will size you for free so there is no guess if the bike is the right size. Once we know what size you are we can help find the perfect bike for you!