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Sisu Fresh Mouthguard Spray - Cinnamint
$8.39 $11.99 30% Off
SISU® Mouthguards are the safest, thinnest, and most comfortable mouthguards on the planet. However, no mouthguard will freshen your breath. That's why they invented SISU FRESH Mouthguard Spray! This rejuvenating cinnamon and mint flavored mouthguard spray is applied directly to the mouthguard before use, leaving a taste as sweet as victory itself. To clean after use, rinse, spray, and store the mouthguard once it is dry. OTHER DETAILS: Convenient, ready to use spray bottle Click-on cap to prevent leaking About 450 sprays per bottle 2 oz capacity Measurements (inches): 1 1/2 W x 1 1/2 L x 5 H
Sisu Mouthguard Heat Pack
$3.49 $4.99 30% Off
Who has the time to go searching for hot water minutes before their big game? The SISU Heat Pack is a portable heating source to allow athletes to mold their SISU Mouthguards from anywhere! Without the need for water or electricity, the SISU Heat Pack is the perfect one-time use solution for lost or forgotten mouthguards. Always be prepared for battle with a SISU portable heat pack! Also available in mouthguard + heat pack bundles. *Compatible with unmolded, flat, SISU Mouthguards. Only 1 use per heatpack. **Mouthguard not included with this product.
Riedell Kwik Oil Bearing Lubricant
$4.90 $7.00 30% Off
KwiK® Oil is specially formulated to improve bearing performance and extend bearing life by coating bearing surfaces with a low viscosity lubricant that eases acceleration, enhances maximum speed, and reduces friction. Use the precision micro-needle applicator to add one drop of Kwik Oil per bearing after cleaning or if bearings are dried out. Kwik Oil is compatible with all roller skate bearings. KwiK Oil Features: Specially formulated bearing lubricant Helps to improve bearing performance Sold in ½ oz. bottles Compatible with all skate bearings.
Riedell Leather Toe Cap
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
If you are serious about protecting your skates, look no further than the Riedell Toe Caps. Unlike single strap toe covers that sometimes slide from side to side, these toe caps have been designed to stay securely in place, protecting your boot under the most demanding use on any surface. Built from a rugged, one-piece construction and finished with actual eyelets that won't damage laces even when pulled very tight, our toe caps provide the very best protection for your skate boot.
Riedell Leather Toe Guards
$6.30 $9.00 30% Off
Keep your skates looking new with the leather Riedell Toe Guards. Thread the top of the toe guard with your laces around the bottom eyelets of your boot and loop the bottom through the toe stop bolt to prevent the front of your boot from getting scuffed up.
Radar Mini Wheel Bag
$8.40 $12.00 30% Off
The Radar Wheelie Bag is perfect for storing and organizing your extra wheels. Double handle / double zipper design makes the bag easy to carry, load and unload. The clear panel on the end makes it easy to see what wheels you have in the bag. The Wheelie Bag can hold up to eight roller skate wheels.
PowerDyne Adjustable Toe Stops
$5.60 $8.00 30% Off
The PowerDyne Adjustable Toe Stop features a regular 5/8” bolt with a urethane stop, available in black. Toe stops are sold in pairs.
PowerDyne Bolt-On Toe Stop Pair
$6.30 $9.00 30% Off
The 5/16" Bolt-On Toe Stops from PowerDyne have a rubber bell shape and are available in black for adult size skates (size 1-14).
PowerDyne Jupiter Toe Stops
$14.00 $20.00 30% Off
Years of research and testing went into the creation of the PowerDyne Jupiter, and the result is the best toe stop ever. Grippy natural rubber and a large, flat surface with signature dimples provide the stability and predictable bite needed for fast stops, quick starts and delicate balance. To help reduce weight, the signature bell shape and the forged, hollow stem combine to make the Jupiter lighter than other bulky toe stops, allowing the skater to be quicker and more nimble. Jupiter toe stops are non-marking and are recommended for all surfaces, including wood, sport tile, concrete/cement and outdoor skating surfaces. The Jupiter toe stops are sold in pairs.
Luigino Bionic Barefoot Booties
$13.97 $19.95 30% Off
Barefoot Booties can be worn with quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes. Skate with Barefoot Booties and feel like 1 with your skate/shoe!
Gumball Superball Toe Stops - Short Stem
$21.00 $30.00 30% Off
Gumball Superball Toe Stops feature a dual durometer stopper that is designed to provide the grip of a traditional Gumball combined with the durability of a harder stop. These huge stoppers offer one of the largest footprints on the market and the only stops with featuring dual durometer pours! Profile: Flat Footprint: Large (64mm) Length: 17mm Short Stem: 48mm overall Density: Most of the stopper is soft with the inserts on the face of the stopper being hard. Stopper: Dual-Durometer Soft Stopper, Hard Inserts 64mm Footprint Wheel Cutouts Flat Profile Stem: 17mm Length Hollow Stem Random Colors Imperial Threads Weight: 95g per Toe Stop
CIB Slide Blocks - XL
$69.30 $99.00 30% Off
CIB Slide Blocks are made from high density plastic that slides with ease on coping and rails and also has a U-shaped depression to help balance those stalls and grinds. Easy to install without dismounting plates, these slide blocks are adaptable to many of the most popular plates in use today. XL = width 110mm | height 54mm Included in Package: Slide Blocks (2) 10°/20° Adapters (2 each) Mounting Hardware T-Handle Allen Wrench Instructions
Bont Athena Roller Skate Plates
$146.30 $209.00 30% Off
The Bont Athena roller derby plate is our take on the classic quad plate. We designed the plate with smooth, elegant lines that will last the test of time. The chassis is crafted from extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum. The plate is made to extremely tight tolerances and has a low profile which means that the wheels are closer to the boot than most other plates. This lowers your center of gravity and improves edging. The 20-degree kingpin angle is great for making tight turns as well as top-end speed. A variable adjustment nut and grub screw allow you to skate your plate tight or loose to suit your style. The plate features Delrin pivot cups and premium ultra-high rebounding urethane cushions that are made in the USA. This plate can be used for all types of roller skating such as indoor skating, outdoor skating, rink skating, and of course roller derby. The Athena roller skate plate comes packed with the famous Bont ToeGo toe stop at no additional charge. The Athena plate has proven itself on the toughest skaters in the world: the Bont Quadstar team. The plate is triple polished with a final brilliant shine polish. Together, it delivers optimum power transfer, total control, perfect edge grip, and the one thing every skater is looking for – more speed! Mounting hardware will need to be purchased separately as it is not included.
Bones Bearings Bearing Tool
$11.86 $16.95 30% Off
Bones Bearings bearing tool. It acts as both a bearing press and a puller. It works with 8mm bearings and for the 90% of people not using spacers in their wheels. It is designed to press the bearings putting only force on the inner race so you wont dent your shields. Ball detent technology and small enough to fit in your pocket and make it your keychain.
Bones Bearings Bones Speed Cream Lubricant
$5.57 $7.95 30% Off
Bones® Speed Cream® is a high temperature, low viscosity synthetic skate lubricant specially formulated by Bones® to reduce friction, and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. We have found this lubricant to be superior to Teflon™ based lubricants in skate environments. Speed Cream R.F. makes your bearings faster and is very long lasting.
Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit
$7.66 $10.95 30% Off
Finally, a bearing cleaning unit brought to you by the bearing company by which all quality standards are measured. Features: - Made of fluorinated high density polyethylene - 7 spacers for a good flush in less time - Cleans up to 8 bearings at a time - Cleans all skate bearings - Cleaning solvents not included
Bones Bearings Roll One Bearing Spacer .285 - 8pk
$1.75 $2.50 30% Off
Nylon Spacers .285 for use and fit between the bearings on the axle inside the wheel between your 8mm bearings to insure a precision fit. Bearing spacers are small cylinders that fit into a skate wheel between the bearings. Their purpose is to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing, which can make your turns smoother and more stable and also extend the life of your bearings. Sold in 8 pack
Bionic Cushions - 8pk
$12.57 $17.95 30% Off
Bionic Cushions (aka Bionic Bushings) feature high-rebound elastomer for long life and superior response. Uniquely designed to encompass the entire kingpin to maximize power transfer and create a more fluid feel. Includes 4 Conical and 4 Barrel cushions. Compatible with Luigino Pilot Plates. Hardnesses: Blue - Soft Red - Medium Yellow - Hard
Atom Skates Pivot Cups
$1.40 $2.00 30% Off
Atom Pivot Cups are for use on Falcon, Falcon Plus, Viper Nylon and Viper Alloy quad plates.
187 Killer Pads Knee Gasket
$27.97 $39.95 30% Off
Typically worn under kneepads to provide additional padding and protection. Also may be worn on its own for activities in which extra support is desired.
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